August Update

Hello everyone! August not only had the great sun to offer, but we are also happy to present many innovations on Landania.   MineTicker First of all – MineTicker. Many of you often ask yourselves how many items are really worth. For this reason, we have created an online page for you on which you […]

Ocean Chest and July Update

Hello everyone! We are happy to present you the new Ocean Chest and the latest updates. Summer is here and people like to jump into the pool or the ocean for a little cooling off. In the ocean you can discover a lot, just like in our new chest. First of all, we would like […]

Summer Update 2023

Hello everyone! We are pleased to present you the summer event and updates for the month of June. Summer has arrived on Landania and from July 5 to August 21, exciting attractions such as motorcycle races and concerts await you on the main world. Immerse yourself in the summer atmosphere and discover numerous other highlights. […]

May Update 2023

Hello everyone! We are pleased to present our innovations to you. One update that deserves special mention is the one that came about thanks to your feedback. Since May, you have been able to enter /as or /adminshop from certain ranks on your realm, farm world, or anywhere on the main world and buy or […]

The End

Hello everyone! We are pleased to present you our End Update! First of all, we would like to present the new farm world “The End”. To enter this world, you need the demanded End-Fruit and a level of at least 35. End-Fruits can either be dropped by Enderman or found in cheast in the farm […]

May the 4th – Update

Hello everyone! we present you our new update for Star Wars Day. A Sith invasion is invading Landania and the Jedi are not in sight. Which side will you be on? Will you fight for the Rebellion or join the Empire? From the 4th to the 11th of May, you can explore the main world […]

Easter Update 2023

Hello everyone! We are happy to present to you our Easter Update 2023.   Flowers are blooming on the Mainworld, Easter eggs are flashing through the grass and the Easter bunny is hurrying to hide all the eggs. This Easter, we have newly designed tools for your armory, but maybe not only your armory needs […]

March Update 2023

Hello everyone! Welcome to our second monthly update of Landania! As you may know, each month we provide a summary of the major changes made in the previous month. This post covers all the updates that were made in February.   Underworld You know it, you die and lose all your stuff and you are […]

Furniture Store Opening


Hello everyone! We are happy to present you with our latest update. The furniture store opens its doors, which offers you thousands of furnishing options for your realm, with these you can decorate your houses completely new and make them comfy.   For most of the furniture you can choose between 6 types of wood […]

Valentine’s Day Update 2023


Hello everyone! We are happy to present you, our Valentine’s Update 2023. Love is in the air and that’s not just because of the date but also because of the new main world which is full of love. To help you gear up for all the possibilities, we have new tools, weapons, and armor. But […]